Ushered Into the Program

Imagine this scene multiplied a million times over.

Are we being deliberately limited by what we hear and see through the mesmerizing transmissions on our TV?

Imagine this scene repeated endlessly.

Are we the ones choosing the planning of our time or are we led down a path of someone else’s design?

Imagine this tool being used trillions of times a day.

Do we control it? Or does it control us? Do the apps within its programs feed your need for approval one day and then smash your ego into smithereens the next? Does this device empower your sense of accomplishment?

I am not against technology. Technology optimizes the workplace and is invaluable in staying connected with family and friends. That said, I have to ask, do you think technology can be a substitute for the active experience of spending time with flesh and blood people? Do you think it can take the place of the heat of a tender embrace? Or the sultry sweet scent of flowers after a rain? Or a walk along a beach with a loved one serenaded by the roaring of waves crashing down upon the shore? Or the snorting laughter shared during an outing with old friends? Take a pause, close your eyes and remember those days; remember the energy; the realness.

Now, just imagine, dear ones, what could we accomplish if we all remembered our flawed yet marvellous humanity and we began to use our precious time for appreciating other people instead of tuning into the program. What would happen if we envisioned the world as a healing circle of compassion and day by day, interaction by interaction we built each other up instead of tearing each other down; a world threaded together by connected hearts instead of wifi. So many possibilities.

Do you know the real difference between humans and computers? Humans feel. We experience desires and dreams, and with those desires and dreams we are capable of freely determining our own destiny. Now I ask you, are you a human or a program?

Ushered Into the Program

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