Wow! What an Opportunity

This is it! We have in front of us an ideal opportunity if we can open our eyes to the truth. The truth is that we were born free. When we sucked in our first breath still slick and shiny with amniotic fluid, at that moment, we were the most untethered we would ever be.  Our parents took to the task of caring for us with the best of intentions and within hours the hospital gave our parents government forms to fill out; one was your birth certificate and one was for a social insurance number. And using their best penmanship your parents completed the forms preparing you for your life of  unchained slavery. Ahhh, now you see where this is going. Granted, we are better off than the slaves of old, but how about you just sit with this for a moment and consider this fact; we were born free until the government gave us a number and we became theirs. 

Look around at the disaster we are in today, do you seriously believe the government has our best interests at heart? Maybe years ago they did, but now it has become an obvious web of corruption and duplicity, and I am not singling out one party, it is all parties across the board. Our system has fallen. Our politicians have been bought and paid for by the wealthiest on our planet. Please do not believe for one second that they care for you or your family. Read this link, they consider us human capital. Now, maybe you are beginning to think I’ve gone completely sideways now, right?  You probably think I’ve completely fallen down the hill of good sense and knocked my brain into mush. But I haven’t. Because here I stand, shoulder to shoulder with hundreds and thousands of other people on the crest of a summit wide awake watching a catastrophe unfold before our tear-filled eyes. What we decide to do now is for our children… unshackle your chains so your children can be free. Look inside your heart and ask yourself if living in fear is a good existence? There is something deeply wrong and sick within our current system. 

We presently have 2,095 billionaires on the planet, maybe more by the time I finish writing this. Money makes money, and having a great deal of money enables wealthy individuals to gain power.  Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man alive worth $190 billion, learning this has prompted me to delete my Amazon account and shop local instead. Oh? Right. I forgot, most of the Mom and Pop shops are shut down right now, but hey, big business is booming. As John D. Rockefeller once said; “I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity.” Hmm, and although he didn’t say it, I dare suggest that power can create numerous disasters. Just imagine how easy it would be if you had no conscious and no overseer and no check on your ambition? Want to change a country? Want to change the world? It’s a snap, design the recipe, mix together bribery, blackmailing and politicians, then add in a liberal dash of chaos and top it off with a continuous stirring of group-think set in stone by main stream in the pocket media. Would it really be so difficult? FYI, the Rockefeller’s have been in the billionaires club for years. And as billionaire George Soros once said, “ I was a human being before I became a business man.” The wealthy are not here to help the middle class or poor, in their eyes we are simply human capital to be used and discarded.

Sorry to be such a Debby Downer, but it’s all true. Look inside yourself. Really look around and see beneath the narrative. The fight is not between races or cultures, or liberals or conservatives,  it is between the common people and the puppet masters holding our invisible shackles— and my oh my, haven’t they grown heavy these days. There is a plan and we have not been informed, we have been cowed and brainwashed into believing the mass media narrative. Our political leaders have lied and cheated us out of our hard earned money for years inciting racial divide and causing envy between classes. There shouldn’t even be any classes! Who decided we need to pay to live. We the common people did not poison and pollute the earth. The wealthy did that by abusing manufacturing processes and using deadly chemicals. Who brought about the technology that caused all the harms to our planet, not the common people, although to survive we have been accommodating. Who designed the education system which is absent of critical historical facts? Governments have not worked for the people for a very long time.

Now, here’s the opportunity, we are at a crucial time in their plan in which they intend to gain greater control over our limited freedom. At no other time in history has it been so clear that we no longer have a say in our future. Now is the time to stand united and strong. Strong is saying I need my business to operate and then opening it regardless of fines, and if you get fined fight it! Others will help you. You are not alone. Refuse the restrictions. If this was a true health crisis there would be bodies in the streets. Listen to the little voice inside you that says, “Something isn’t right.” Do some research, look for information outside the mainstream news. Our opportunity to change the world is now. Do not comply to rules that are illogical, love your neighbor, and share a smile with a stranger. We are human beings and human beings need connection, we need touch, we need smiles, we need to be together. And most of all turn off the government paid for main stream media that is constantly telling you, “The sky is falling!”   

“The media’s the most powerful entity on the Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power because they control the mind of the masses.

—Malcolm X

Let me remind you once again, you were born free! You were given a name but you should never be a number. You are a magnificent divine being who has the right to life and liberty without the chains placed upon you at birth. Open your eyes to your potential. Do not be cowed or fearful of death there are far worse things.

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