Consider Your Inner Monster


We all unwittingly become Frankenstein. Certainly not on the outside, although I do sport a fair amount of stitching scars myself, but what I’m writing about is the invisible stitching which ties our philosophies and opinions together.  Consider the fact that many of our attitudes and beliefs are imprinted upon us as tiny people. Ruminate on the idea that as we age we gather ideologies and preferences imparted to us through school, friends, social media, news, coworkers, and partners. This large list of inputs will either strengthen or loosen the stitches that bind together our core beliefs. Some opinions will disappear by snipping hindering binding and then new mind-sets will fill in the open space. We are a patchwork of ideas, beliefs, passions, and drives formulated by our upbringing, schooling, religion, news, and our own observations of life. Sometimes we desire change in our lives and most often it involves self evaluation.

So I ask you, does your inner Frankenstein shine? Does it enable you to see yourself and others in a positive light? Do you feel a lightness of being in your life? Does your gorgeous mess of scars contribute to peace and cooperative living? Does it include the belief of sharing? Is it inclusive or exclusive?

Pause for a second. I realize this is an abundance of consideration. At this point I will not offer you a refreshment for your dedicated deliberations, but I will offer you a refreshing joke. I met an old fellow the other day, he gazed at me through a mess of wrinkles and shaggy brows imparting his gem of knowledge, he said, “Back in my day a selfie is what you did when your wife didn’t put out.”

Back to our stitching.

None of us are angels, often it proves valuable to contemplate our darkness. Do you find pieces of your inner monster is patched together with defensive and explosive states of being which results in blaming outside circumstances for your troubles? Are you continually watching for the next bit of rottenness to come your way? Do you judge people by the way they look and condemn someone who isn’t exactly like you? Have you been hurt in the past and sealed yourself up so tightly you have nothing to give to anyone else? Are you a darkening presence that shadows the path of others with antagonistic and negative comments?

The only answer that matters is how do your beliefs make you feel?

The truth is— We all contain some aspect of the Frankenstein described above. We are all sewn together with various patches of virtuousness and unscrupulousness. Some Frankenstein’s shed more light into the world and some bring us into the dark. We all have a choice on which parts of us we select to come forth. We ultimately determine what we display when we greet others in our castles. Do you bring flames of hope— Or pitchforks of despair? How do you want to be remembered when your power goes out?

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