The beauty of above.

On the surface we are the same as the Pope, Donald Trump (shudder), Queen Elizabeth, Beyoncé, Kim Jong-un, or mass murder Robert Pickton. We are all human beings. We are amazingly diverse and complicated. Many of us simply become what we are taught to be by our parents, and culture, when in essence, none of us are any more different than the names of those listed above.

It’s true, most of us don’t have fame, excessive money, the responsibility of a nation, altar boys, the paparazzi, murderous minds, or lofty goals of plotting the damnation of the western world. However, every single one of us began our lives needing other humans to care for us. During our growth period our personalities and circumstances shape us into our future. It is a miraculous time when our uniquely shaped bodies, minds, and spirits function in balance to become what we can only imagine.

We all struggle. We struggle against genetics that cause big butts, fat thighs, baldness and disease. We struggle when we are confronted by the death of a loved one. We struggle when we are faced with violence of any kind through sickness and hate. We struggle with finances and the cost of surviving.

But truly, we are the lucky ones. We have opportunity. We can read. We can connect to others around the world through the Internet. We are truly unlimited in our words and minds.

In a world as developed as our it’s hard to imagine that there are places where children are taught to hate others on the premise of color, or beliefs right from the day they are born. They are expected to follow in the family’s way without questions of why. They are crippled by the beliefs of their parents and society. Their shine for expanded knowledge is shuttered in even before they even realize they have a glow. Yet if they were raised in another way, or place they could become someone totally different.

So again I say, we are all the same in essence. And I bossily say hating another human is wasted effort. Without a doubt it comes as a challenge to love even the worst behaved of us. Yet isn’t that what we must do? Is to love the broken pieces? Hate breeds hate, love breeds love, and yes, I am over simplifying. But how else do we do it?

Life is a complex beast and from it arises atrocities, and magnificent events beyond our wildest imagination. All of us stand in awe of the famous, successful, and oh so in your face talented people, but for all the differences, they are no better than you or I. We are all headed towards the compost heap.

Everyone has gifts and talents to tap into for the betterment of humanity. What beliefs do you hold that harden your heart and seal you off from others?

We have so many possibilities you and I. We are unlimited. In this complex world of startling extremes we can make a difference. Most of us are not the rich and famous, but we can improve our small section of the world with how we give and share with others. Upon reading the headlines of the world you can dance, or you can cry. But Dancing feels so much better. Try the Cha Cha Cha, even if you can’t do it yet it’s kind of fun to say.

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