Why, Hello Happiness


“Hey happiness! Thanks for showing up today!”

Oddly enough I just spent the morning reading all the doom and gloom headlines and I am still choosing to be positive.

I do not care. No, not one hair, for all the scare the news does blare. Apparently I am channelling Dr. Seuss.

Just so you know, I don’t live a totally charmed life. I can tell you, my parents are dead, my two sisters live hundreds of miles away, one of them halfway around the world, and I have no job. Plus I am writing without financial success— but damn I am happy.

So you might say to yourself, well obviously she is partaking in the consumption of happy pills. In the teenage years perhaps, but no, not recently, unless vitamins are little tablets of joy. My magical formula is to simply cherish what I do have, and let the crappy parts go knowing they are only temporary.

I am hugely fortunate to be attached to a supportive and loving partner. I have long ago birthed two healthy grown children and now have two amazing little grand girls. I have sunshine in my windows, and food in my fridge. I have clean water, and a choice of clothing. I have friends, new and old, and ones I have yet to meet. I have cousins and Aunties, Uncles, and in-laws. And— I just happened attend the best damn impromptu dance party on a deck last Friday night— nothing like shaking your butt to get out of a rut.

My heart swells at all the blessings in my life. Happy Tuesday. Hugs!

4 thoughts on “Why, Hello Happiness

    • Thank you. It’s not always easy to stay happy, sometimes I wallow, but only until I slow down and take stock to realize life is lovely. Even when it hands us crap, sometimes it’s just a fine tuning the defining moments of who we are

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