Showing Appreciation


This is my world, blue skies graced with glorious clouds.

Thank you for reading and/or following my blog. I know you can’t see me, but I’m giving you all a standing ovation. Of course it’s not very impressive in my kitchen with just my dog, Mica and myself. The dog refuses to clap. But she has leapt to her feet and is wondering what to do now. Anyway, the point is, I’m appreciative, and my brains neurons and synapses are appreciative too. I know I don’t always hit the mark with my stories or ramblings, but I keep trying. I keep going because it feels good to make contact with people through words.

Speaking of which, isn’t it amazing how easy it is to connect with other people? It brings to my mind a common phrase ‘The world is my oyster’. It’s originally a line from ‘The Merry Widows of Winsor’. Oops. Freudian slip. (I love you honey.) A line from Shakespeare’s, play, ‘The Merry Wives of Winsor’ in which Pistol states, “Why then the world’s mine oyster, which I with sword will open.” What is my interpretation of ‘The world is my oyster’? To me, it means there are unlimited opportunities to do well as a writer in the world of the Internet. An oyster on its own is disgusting if taken literally. I think the world looks a whole lot better than a brownish greenish glob. My world has rainbows, llamas, blue skies, and pot bellied pigs, not to mention Jason Alexander. Odd how my mind jumped from Pot bellied pigs, to the fellow who acted as George Costanza on the Seinfeld show. My synapses and neurons are playing mind games with me.

Thinking on followers… Can you imagine if all of your followers on Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter physically followed you around? How much fun would that be? It wouldn’t work for everyone though, some people have so many followers, there would be whole cities on the move. There would be news alerts everywhere about mass invasions. I live near a forest. I could probably lose a few in there. And then there is always the briar patch.

Of course I would never do that to my intimate group of followers on my blog. I wouldn’t lead any astray. You guys are special. I’d bring you home, and ask Rick if we could keep you.

But you see where this is going don’t you? Funny, I just got a visual of everyone shaking their heads in a negative way. Ah, see where my mind takes me? My thoughts are like a handful of confetti thrown at a wedding, they are in utter disarray. Oh whoa is me. Wait. Let me spell that again. Woo is me, nope, that’s not the answer. Woo belongs in woo-hoo! And I’m not at the happy part yet. Have you ever seen a squirrel move? That’s how my brain works, in short bursts and then it freezes, and then sometimes it falls out of the tree. Especially when I push it too hard. Maybe I should have put a warning on my blog. Follow at your own risk rabid squirrels on the loose.

So thanks again for following me. I’m giving you two thumbs up because that’s all I have. I’m glad it’s at a respectful distance because I’m kind of flighty and tend to head for the bushes if strangers get too close. Please don’t imagine a gazelle gracefully bounding through, because if you’ve read all my blogs you will know I’m accident-prone. Please imagine a moose, with his front legs tied together bull dozing dirt with his snout. Presenting an accurate image is part of my writing code.

Tip of the day— Leaving a sticky note, as a thank you is appropriate in every work place— unless you work in the adult entertainment industry.

Peace out. Be frank. And if you can’t be Frank, be Abel. Why you ask? Then you are Abel to do anything and everything you want.

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