Dreamy Dandelions

The alarm sounds. It’s an insistent tone, somewhere between annoying, and exceedingly annoying. I fumble around for the shut the hell up button. Ah, sweet silence, the inside of my eyelids invite me to sojourn in the dark warmth of comfort. Sorry lovely seductive sleep, I can’t stay long, the world requires my performance, or is it presence today.

What will the day bring? Will it be ripe with opportunity for seeds of brilliance to fly? Or will I be drawn into a scourge of unexpected weeds, invading my perfectly manicured time? Will I choose to release my inner pruner at unplanned disturbances? Shall I use tooled words, and ripped up paper to express my frustration? Will I curse with such vehemence, it causes my coworkers to wither, and scurry before me? Will it cause a flurry of finger flipping behind my back?

September 2009 to March 2010-16-2


Or— will I live my day, as an enthusiastic child? One, which picks a dandelion, grasping the stem with wonderment, musing over the fluffy white wand. I am a bewitched child blowing fuzz into the wind, making a wish on each far flying seed. I hop, and skip across the ground, following the fountain of spinning spore? My eyes shine, emitting the joy of magic found in the ordinary? Oblivious to the hobbling, grey haired woman across the street, who is shaking her fist, and wagging her face, at the wayward seeds landing in her immaculate flower beds. Dance along little girl, don’t look back.

September 2009 to March 2010-7

We were taught to yank out the first flowers of spring. However, we were missing some trendy information. Dandelions are all the rage— they can be made into dandelion chains for little girls to wear, devoured by animals, and be brewed into happy juice for adults. Even more amazing— they contain, vitamin C, B6, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, potassium , manganese, vitamin K, calcium, and drum roll please—vitamin A. I know, a bit of a let down, but It gave you a split second of anticipation. Plus, the tea that is made with the leaves, flowers, or roots is good for digestion, it can cleanse the liver, aid in treating diabetes and the list goes on. Look for recipes on the internet, and maybe consult with an expert if you are on other meds. You never know, it could have drug interactions, and cause spontaneous spitting or flashing. Who knew, the weed on the most wanted poster hanging in the sheriffs office was a good guy.

Life is about perspective, consider the dandelion— some see a patch of weeds ready to infect the world, some see a magical toe tapping dance partner, and others see a cure. You choose how you view your day, and your world.

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