Magnificent Monday


September 2009 to March 2010-44

It’s your choice how high to fly.

I know. I realize it’s the beginning of the week, and I’ve challenged you to an unspoken duel with all the reasons you hate Monday. It might not be fair. I might automatically win. The fact is, you may feel like an amoeba on the evolutionary scale of life. But you’re not! You have far too many cells to be an amoeba. So, how about starting your day with a different attitude? Oops, sorry, I just created a large pocket of resistance within you, with that last sentence. I felt needles rise, like a porcupine defending its territory. It’s okay. I’m poking you on purpose. I’m going to help you drop the negativity. I can see you going through your day, with all of your internalized poop weighing you down, like Beethoven’s piano tied to your ass. My friends, my friends, for God sakes— avoid the hernia cut the flipping rope.

Super job! You should feel lighter already. Today is your day. It’s your opportunity to make a difference in to at least one person’s life— your own. So play your favourite song, the one that stirs your juices and blows the lid off your dance moves. Get your enthusiasm pumping on the rhythm of life. Have that extra shot of espresso, and hear your heartbeat shout, “Enjoy yourself,  have fun because everything is going your way, everywhere you go and everything you do will work out for you.”

It’s fantastic! Just look at all the wonders of life, we have a right foot, and a left foot, such a blessing, because two left feet always cause a problem. We have noses to keep our glasses on our face, and we have the ability to drink a cup of steaming stool softener anytime we get uptight. See? Instant happiness, maybe you’ll get downright giddy, and start hugging trees, and jumping in front of an ice cream men, shouting “I love your maple walnuts.”

Word to the wise— batshit enthusiasm may be frightening to some individuals, especially ones with a forest appendage up their bum.

3 thoughts on “Magnificent Monday

  1. My dear friend I read with keen interest as Monday’s are the days I embark on my negatives and spend most of the day preparing to resist the week ahead . Once I am done reading I realize you have done it . You my wise one have made me laugh and consider lightening my emotional load the one I’d already prepared to carry for the duration of the week .
    . Inspiration , instruction and humor how clever . The matter on which you speak is something that every one of us can relate to . My revalation to this reading is there’s no escaping Monday’s as it is the doorway to our week it’s up to us whether we swing that door open or hide behind it as the world goes by .
    Batshit enthusiasm 😉


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