September 2009 to March 2010-17

Can you see the wolf?

I saw a wolf on my way to yoga last night. He stood at the edge of the highway, a majestic creation of nature waiting to cross. His coat was light brown, highlighted by gray and light gray near his muzzle. Darker hair threaded in around his ears and his brilliant golden eyes. He was stunning. He showed no hesitation or fear at the advancing vehicle. He simply watched, a statue of grace. As we passed, his eyes met mine, bright and bold holding my gaze. The confidence in him was enviable. Mind you— if I could rip out a throat in one certain leap, I might feel pretty self-assured too. He was a lone wolf. I can convey that with confidence, because there were no other wolves around.

Some people are truly afraid of wolves, thinking they are packs of roving killers, searching for the next bloodbath. I’m here today as a friendly reminder, that if they aren’t stalking us in the parks, or consuming Grandma, and then hiding in her bed waiting for more tender and juicy meat— we are okay. Wolves are carnivores. They devour meat. They generally hunt in the forest when they are hungry, not for fun, or religious beliefs, or in retaliation like some humans.

Wolves are wild, what they catch they eat. We are domesticated beings given a wide variety of choices on what we eat. Well, some of us anyway. Heavy sigh, and huge consideration of factual evidence. Dammit, now I feel like a noble sitting at a table with a drumstick in my hand, and heaped up platters of steaming food in front of me, while others dig in the dirt for grubs and roots. The world is full of disturbing contradictions. The wolf is not one. He is exactly as he has always been, a predator. I feel fortunate I don’t hunt my supper down. I can walk into a grocery store, and smile at all my fellow shoppers with my big shiny teeth, and not rip out one throat today.

Mother nature created spectacular animals, the wolf being one of them. I was blessed to see one last night. By the way— there was no wolf in the picture above. But there could have been. They’re masters of camouflage.

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