It Should Be A Dogs World

September 2009 to March 2010-50Dogs, they are simply the best. I can’t say better than all the rest, because that’s going to rub some folks the wrong way. Especially the cat and horse lovers, and a few cow lovers, and most certainly the sheep lovers, but we won’t go there because this is a PG rated blog. I have to admit I love dogs, more than most people. Well, certainly more than a lot of people, definitely more than Trump, Trudeau, and Notley. But maybe that’s not a fair statement because I like rattlesnakes better than politicians, at least you hear them coming before they screw with your life. Dammit, I’m getting off topic again. Fastest way to change the topic—politics.

  1. A husband fidgets with his wedding band forcing himself to look into his wife’s eyes, ” I think you’re having an affair,” He confesses.
  2.  She stares at her husband, “Did you hear how much money Trudeau spent bringing staff on his holiday?”
  3. Her husbands face tightens, “What! When  are we going to get a Prime Minister who understands the value of the tax payers dollar?”

Dogs, yeah, I’ve jumped back to the dog topic again, try to keep up, I’m a little bit ADHD but it’s okay, it’s a blog, not War and Peace. Dogs, they can be the most trusted of companions and the most comfortable creature to meet. Dog lovers and introverts alike can relate to this scenario— Here I am meeting someone new, “Hi.” I say in a stiff uncomfortable voice. Here I am meeting their dog, “Hi Baby,” I say in an exuberant voice. “How’s the gorgeous dog today?” I ask bending down to scratch them behind the ears, “Oh yeah, you like that don’t you baby?” I say in a warm tone getting down on a knee to rub their face and look them in the eye, “Oh my, you have such beautiful eyes don’t you? Who’s the handsome boy?” Massage, scratch, and cuddle— Meanwhile, I’m totally oblivious to the dog owner who has watched me feel up their pet. I don’t even realize it might be a problem. The dog doesn’t mind. He’s enjoying the attention, panting with a sweet grin.

Dogs, they have no judgment about you, or your career choice, bank account, facial hair or waist size. Who you are in the human world just doesn’t matter to them. They don’t care if you live in the street or live in a mansion, they respond to who you are on the inside not on the outside. If you need help with job interviews, pick a dog to aid you. They eagerly seek out people with good energy and honest intentions. They can spot a shady character within a sniff, “Man, that dudes just not right. He smells off.” Your hiring partner will shake his head, flapping his ears loudly, “Yup the scent of trouble is strong in this one.” And if the job candidate tries to pet the dog he’ll duck out from under his hand, “Yuck, bad vibes.”

Dogs—respect the paw.

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