Pirate Politics

I’m a peace loving Zen individual until I hear someone utter the word politics, or any other syllable relating to politics. I transform from a lady in a cross legged yoga pose humming a mantra of peace into a wide-eyed wild beast ready to tear a piece of meat off our so called political system. I know for a fact, I’m not the only Canadian to froth at the mouth at our governments decisions, never mind their lack of accountability.

What are we going to do? We can only vote for people who are willing to run. If they are all duds, we’ll get a dud. Just take a look over the border and watch the gong show going on in their house. We need a leader with backbone and accountability. One who is clear in his determination to find new solutions to old issues, and keep Canada itself a priority. We need a King Arthur (leader) who can pull Excalibur (Canada) from the stone (current debt building situation). What we need is a leader who will consider what is best for the welfare of the people he governs instead of the best angle of a selfie. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Prime Minister rose above the bickering between parties and encourages goodwill instead? I think every time a politician ventures into a negative tirade they should send them to the corner. They should install a stool in a crevice in the House of Commons, and hire a guard to make sure the disrupter keeps his nose in the crook. At least they’ll create one job. I for one am exhausted with the drama between the political parties. They waste more time and resources on trying to pull each other apart than coming together for the good of Canada. It’s no wonder we are in a constant decline— there is nothing but undermining going on in government. Isn’t it time all the elected Captains of our future begin to work for Canadians instead of their own pirate party agendas?

Great, now I have to meditate again because my eyes are bugging out and the vein in my forehead is pulsing too strongly. Dammit! I started out so well this morning in cross-legged yoga pose. Before I get down on the floor— Shame on you Rachel Notley for hiring an Ontario company to change Alberta light bulbs.

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