Monday, Monday

Magnificent, marvelous Monday morning awakens us with a fresh start to a new week. Check your pulse. Are you alive? Can you feel your heart beat? That’s just one more thing to be grateful about. Am I ticking you off yet? Probably. People hate being told what to do and how to feel. And isn’t that great! You get to choose your feelings. You can be as miserable as you want to be, or you can be as happy as you choose to be. It is most definitely your choice. But don’t kid yourself, how you behave during the day will determine the type of day you experience.

I have my cheerleading outfit on and I’m doing cartwheels hoping you choose happiness today. You could pretend your joy is a big bag of birdseed, and all the other people you meet are birds. You could toss out handfuls of joy it to every bird you see. The majority of them will gobble it up and flock around you. The abundance of seeds you scatter encourages other birds to share. It seems you are creating goodwill with your happy efforts. I just did a front flip, in my mind.

If you are feeling apathetic, and introverted, that’s okay too. You can sit on your park bench with your big bag of birdseed stuffed under your coat watching others engage the birds. Sometimes it’s what you need, a little solitude. Hey, it’s your option. We get to choose how our daily interactions go.

Maybe you are feeling miserable today. You are pissed off that Monday has come and you are forced back into paid slavery. No problem, it’s your call. You might even vent your hostility by running around the park with birdseed strapped to your back and chasing everyone else’s birds away. You might frighten those birds so badly they shit on you as they fly off into the bright blue yonder. Great! Then you’ll be even angrier because those damn birds shit on you. Or… maybe you could just laugh, and then the people feeding the birds might offer you a wet wipe.

All those feelings to sort through and choices for how your day will evolve— man I love Mondays!

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