Otherworldly Rest

Unseen weights lie on my eyes gently pressing me into a fathomless sleep, transporting me into places of mythical time and space. There I tumble into events and welcome faces encircling me throughout my evening respite. There are loves and losses and great golden gains in the passage of unwatched time. Oh, how I love the dreams. Those which flit inside my mind like wispy pieces of down, so light and full of whimsical delight. They dance with the music of the night spinning round and round. The words I hear are vague like hard won whispering sighs of sweet relief. A sensation of fullness stretches me into a comfortable place like home. Then with electrifying swiftness, just as a bolt of lightening from the sky I am ripped from my otherworldly rest, blinking reluctantly in the morninglight. I cannot help but wonder if I am now asleep.

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