Nosey Parker

Lets reflect on the point of our face— the nose. Our summit feature so often unappreciated, a support for our sunglasses, a channel for fluid release, an intake and outlet for breath. It contains our astounding sense of smell, which can be both a blessing or a curse. Lastly, it is a filtering system for germs and dirt— you know— that tangled mess of hair in your nose that unfiltered children like to point out.

Considering all of the phenomenal uses of the nose, there is one thing the user does which is always a waste of time and energy— sticking your snoot in other peoples business. Did you know peace can be found by simply keeping your schnoz in your own daily doings? Cancel your trip to the mountain top, you can find everything you need right here and now. If you like numbers, let me tell you that ten out of ten people have more friends and less drama by keeping their beak pointed in their own direction. We have one whiffer for a reason— it’s only intended for one user.

Listen up friends, if your snuffer is sifting through Thelma’s thistle in her backyard you’ll miss the truffles growing under your own tree. If you keep your sneezer to yourself you’ll share less colds and you won’t irritate others with extraneous sniffing around. Finally— keep your proboscis to yourself, it won’t get broke, and less people will poke their snuffers into your realms of living.


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