Our Sun

Gratitude to our sun, the light of our world awakening us each and every day.  It shines a beacon of simple truths. It brings to us a bountiful life. The reflective presence of reliability, an irreplaceable key to prosperity itself on our miraculous home.

Gratitude to the glow of the first fingers of light plucking their way across the morning sky tickling our sense of awe. The ripeness of beauty rising over the horizon speeding it’s way across the land bringing shadows to dance. She’s an inspiration, a climax of untouchable realms.

Gratitude to the intangible touch of warmth from her infinities of appendages. Our sun, she’s worshipped throughout winters worn grasp, beings bask in her gaze, and sigh at her heated touch on piercing polar days. We name you loving companion, and linger entwined until twilight steals you away and our tryst begins again tomorrow.


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