Choose Your Day

I hope you’re appreciating your life today, even the burnt toast and the crappy drivers as you head off to work or home. As for me, I had plans on choosing some of the hippest music to hang out with Julie, my three-year old granddaughter. I was preparing for her whirlwind force of life.  Singing and dancing are most certainly part of our play, as well as drama, which storms in halfway through the day. I love it all. She is the reason I exercise. So, what’s my point? My day with Julie is cancelled. Her sister Emma’s minor surgery was bumped until next week, they needed the operating room for a baby who is receiving a heart transplant.

Can you imagine the celebration for the family of that baby? The welling up of happiness so enormous it threatens to break you wide open. The relief, the ease of knowing your baby will have a real shot at life. Their precious bundle will pink up and have the ability to sing and dance in a few years just like my little Julie. I have no idea who this family is, but I’m thrilled for them. I imagine we all are right now, but there may be an underlying concern that they haven’t won the battle yet. So I’m asking for good thoughts and prayers for this family today. You don’t have to know who they are to send a caring thought. To be corny as hell I’ll say, “There are no strangers. There are just friends we haven’t met yet.”

On the flip side my heart breaks for the donor family. The heart for a baby needs to be small, not necessarily a babies heart, but a child’s heart. Right now a family is grieving. Their world has come to a sudden crashing halt. I cannot comprehend the loss. My Mom was a donor, I remember being in the hospital, how I felt as though I were underwater. I had to strain to hear people talk, and everything moved so slowly. Everything except the pain in my heart, it was quick and untouchable. This is a child— so much worse. I visualize this donor family as they give the gift of hope and life to another family, and I pray for them. I send them wishes of love and support. I ask for some kind of comforting miracle to get them through the worst time in their lives.

When I say I hope you’re appreciating your life today, I don’t mean it in a snide way. I mean it in a gentle caring way. What you do matters. Your attitude to yourself, your life and others matter. Are you spreading the love or are you spreading the hate? It’s your choice.

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