Our Sun

Gratitude to our sun, the light of our world awakening us each and every day.  It shines a beacon of simple truths. It brings to us a bountiful life. The reflective presence of reliability, an irreplaceable key to prosperity itself on our miraculous home.

Gratitude to the glow of the first fingers of light plucking their way across the morning sky tickling our sense of awe. The ripeness of beauty rising over the horizon speeding it’s way across the land bringing shadows to dance. She’s an inspiration, a climax of untouchable realms.

Gratitude to the intangible touch of warmth from her infinities of appendages. Our sun, she’s worshipped throughout winters worn grasp, beings bask in her gaze, and sigh at her heated touch on piercing polar days. We name you loving companion, and linger entwined until twilight steals you away and our tryst begins again tomorrow.


Do You Really Want To Be Happy?

Happiness comes at a cost. It means you stop listening to other people complain about their live, it’s not your business. It means stop asking for other peoples advice on your personal life, it’s not their business. It means stop dwelling on the stuff that’s going wrong in your life and start acknowledge the stuff thats going right. What I’m suggesting you may have heard before. It may seem like a simplistic approach. It’s not. Changing your mindset is like trying to take the peanut butter off a piece of bread. It’s going to take time and focus.

Everyone has someone relying on them to their listen to their troubles. I’m not telling you to slam the door in their face and bloody their nose. That would be mean, and you would beat up on yourself for doing it. We are looking for happiness not guilt. Imagine, they come to you for a listening ear, if it is a new problem let them vent. Try to keep it brief. It’s not helpful for them to ramble on until two in the morning. Because by then you’re not even listening you’re staring at the shelf noticing it needs to be dusted. That is a waste of your precious life and theirs. Hear them out, and when they begin repeating themselves or old sorrows interrupt them and daringly say, “I love you and I’m here to listen for a while but I can’t fix your problems. Only you will know what’s good for you.” Some people don’t want to hear that, they want you to be entangled in their drama. It validates them and the problem. When you draw your line in the sand, your friend or family might get angry with you. Continue to be gentle but stay the course. It could be they are accustomed to having you listen no matter what. They will be feeling hurt. They might accuse you of not caring. When you decide to set boundaries in your life you might lose some friends but you’ll keep the ones who value you.

Life is confusing. That’s why we have psychologists and psychiatrists. If you’ve ever been to a professional for personal counselling, you’ll know they continually ask you, “How does that make you feel?” The reason for that question is because the problem isn’t really the problem. It’s how you feel about the problem that makes the difference. No one else can understand the complexity of what’s going on inside you. So asking someone else for advice on a personal problem is like asking a blind person to paint a picture of the Hollywood sign at sunset and be expecting it to turn out well. I’m not saying be stoic, become a rock. I’m saying don’t ask other people for their opinion on your personal struggles. You can still share, just tell them you don’t want answers you just need to vent. It takes the pressure off of them and you. Keep in mind, do not become the person in the previous paragraph, if you notice your friend getting a dusting cloth out, you’ve gone too far.

Last but not least, focus your energy on the positives. Appreciate an effortless commute to work, a cool breeze on a hot day, and maybe even a healthy part of your body like your skin, how wonderfully it covers you up and holds you together. If you put your mind towards everything thats going right you will continue to grow more positive outcomes. It’s the magic of attention. If you tend a garden with loving care it will flourish. Loving care implies good thought. If you tend a problem with frantic worry and obsession it will flourish as well. It will become an evil creature with talons and sharp pointy teeth. It’s a logical outcome. The more you focus on a problem the more insurmountable it seems. So for the good of your happy place don’t keep your issues chained to your neck until they become bones poking you in the throat. Deal with them while they are fresh and alive, tend to them briefly, then set them free. If you can, get out in nature to contemplate and let stuff go. It’s where the wild things like to be.

Give it a try, what do you have to lose? A bit of satisfaction ranting brings? You can still rant briefly and win. I’m not saying you’ll be happy every single second of the day. I’m not delusional. I know difficult situations will occur in your life and happiness is out of the question. What I am saying, is you have influence over how you feel, and some situations are in your control. I’m not a professional, but as a fellow human I can tell this has worked wonders for me. So what feels better? Rehashing problems?  Or sitting with your choice of beverage admiring a painting, or your children or the way your hand can hold a glass? Which mindset will bring you happiness?

Choose Your Day

I hope you’re appreciating your life today, even the burnt toast and the crappy drivers as you head off to work or home. As for me, I had plans on choosing some of the hippest music to hang out with Julie, my three-year old granddaughter. I was preparing for her whirlwind force of life.  Singing and dancing are most certainly part of our play, as well as drama, which storms in halfway through the day. I love it all. She is the reason I exercise. So, what’s my point? My day with Julie is cancelled. Her sister Emma’s minor surgery was bumped until next week, they needed the operating room for a baby who is receiving a heart transplant.

Can you imagine the celebration for the family of that baby? The welling up of happiness so enormous it threatens to break you wide open. The relief, the ease of knowing your baby will have a real shot at life. Their precious bundle will pink up and have the ability to sing and dance in a few years just like my little Julie. I have no idea who this family is, but I’m thrilled for them. I imagine we all are right now, but there may be an underlying concern that they haven’t won the battle yet. So I’m asking for good thoughts and prayers for this family today. You don’t have to know who they are to send a caring thought. To be corny as hell I’ll say, “There are no strangers. There are just friends we haven’t met yet.”

On the flip side my heart breaks for the donor family. The heart for a baby needs to be small, not necessarily a babies heart, but a child’s heart. Right now a family is grieving. Their world has come to a sudden crashing halt. I cannot comprehend the loss. My Mom was a donor, I remember being in the hospital, how I felt as though I were underwater. I had to strain to hear people talk, and everything moved so slowly. Everything except the pain in my heart, it was quick and untouchable. This is a child— so much worse. I visualize this donor family as they give the gift of hope and life to another family, and I pray for them. I send them wishes of love and support. I ask for some kind of comforting miracle to get them through the worst time in their lives.

When I say I hope you’re appreciating your life today, I don’t mean it in a snide way. I mean it in a gentle caring way. What you do matters. Your attitude to yourself, your life and others matter. Are you spreading the love or are you spreading the hate? It’s your choice.

First blog post

Hi! So I’m new here. Well, not on this planet, but out here in internet land. So, you may have noticed my blog name Splatteredink contains the word dink. Or, maybe you didn’t notice. It’s okay. In this blog I’m okay with whatever you notice or don’t notice. You are in a safe place here. There are two things I’ll share about the name, first, I don’t physically have one— a dink I mean. And second,  the combined word combination made me laugh.  So I kept the name. I vote for laughter. It’s a well known fact if you support and share in laughter you’ll live longer. Not only that but laughter chokes out hostility every time. Therefore, if my children read this, “In your face, I’m keeping the dink.” Just don’t tell your friends.

It’s a crazy old world. Meaning it’s always been crazy, there’s just more sane people to notice. There are so many people with so many dream and they’re all looking up at the same old stars wishing for good things to twinkle their way into hopeful little hearts. And I honestly think it can happen. Anything can happen. I believe we are all destined for wonderful moments and magical happenings. This world is jam packed with eye-popping events that most of us don’t even know about.Did you know that everyday your heart creates enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles? At least thats the rumour— well—I read it on a fact website. I don’t quite believe it though. I think the distance would vary depending on the fitness of the heart. You know, like a 60 watt lightbulb uses more energy than a 40 watt lightbulb. I logically assume that an athlete competing in an Ironman competition would power a vehicle further than a guest on ‘My Four Hundred Pound Life’. Like I said, we live in an eye-popping world.

I also mentioned we are destined for magical happenings.  No worries I still don’t have a physical dink. What I can tell you, is that flowers can grow faster listening to music, and music has the ability to repair brain damage and return lost memories. How amazing is that?

This concludes my first post. It may or may not be representative of future postings. I know for certain my dog and I will continue to read the blog together. It’s been a pleasure. And no, I still don’t have a physical dink. Just because I said pleasure— doesn’t mean pleasure.